Mid-Morning Read: Domestic Violence Study and More Caroline

Caroline Kennedy refused to disclose her financial holdings when asked by the Times.

Bill Hammond makes the case for a placeholder.

The Times apologizes for publishing a fake letter criticizing Kennedy.

And she commits to backing a Democrat for mayor of New York, which is notable given reports that Michael Bloomberg is quietly backing her.

Chuck Schumer is still not publicly taking a position on who he would like as his junior partner.

Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend now wants the charges against him dropped.

A new state study finds that more than half of all female murder victims are killed in domestic abuse incidents.

Everyone's going to be mad at David Paterson, Fred Dicker says.

But the Democrat & Chronicle editorial board supports his obesity tax.

Assemblyman Marc Molinaro is fighting to keep the Greenway Council intact.

The State Commission on Judicial Misconduct votes to suspend a just-elected judge.

Republicans hold sway in selecting a new chair of St. Lawrence County.

An audit finds that an attorney for the Olympic Regional Development Authority improperly earned retirement credits.

Hillary Clinton seeks to take over an expanded State Department.

On the horizon: $3 Metro Cards.

Job seekers in Sullivan County now have to live there.

Representative Gary Ackerman, who said he couldn't be a U.S. senator because he doesn't "do Utica," does Utica.

Below, a montage of what elected representatives have said (negatively) about Caroline Kennedy: Mid-Morning Read: Domestic Violence Study and More Caroline