Mid-Morning Read: Fossella’s Reception, Plastic Bags

On December 14, Vito Fossella will hold a “thank you” reception for supporters, and the event is fueling speculation he

On December 14, Vito Fossella will hold a “thank you” reception for supporters, and the event is fueling speculation he may seek elected office again.

Democrats in the State Senate are getting a lesson about technology today from Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej.

The White House apologies to Isac Abraham.

The Cayugas are suing over a raid on stores selling untaxed cigarettes.

More pressure on David Paterson to collect taxes from cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

With talk of infrastructure stimulus money, will there be enough the rooftop expressway?

Hillary in 2004: “Barack Obama is the future of the party.”

Former A.G. Dennis Vacco’s lobbying firm will pay state regulators $20,000 in a settlement.

As James Walsh and Tom Reynolds retire, western New York loses a lot of congressional seniority.

In the wake of a report on property taxes, smaller school districts are mulling their future.

Dutchess County Republicans consider dropping a gender balance bylaw.

S.U.N.Y. Purchase students on a tuition hike: “We’re tired of being pawns.”

An intrer-agency dispute is delaying the building of affordable housing.

Carol Kellerman and Charles Brecher say that even people who don’t ride the bus or trains should help the M.T.A. plug its budget gap.

A suggestion from Eric Gioia and Simcha Felder is catching on with celebrities.

Michael Goodwin agrees with Ravi Batra about the key qualification for replacing Hillary Clinton in the Senate.


Among Hispanic immigrants on Long Island, there's fear of another attack.

The New York Times editorial board says Suffolk needs to do more to ease tensions there.

A blog about “How to Save Big on Your Taxes!” carries news about Charles Rangel.

After saying that people’s motives shouldn’t be questioned, an aide to Steve Levy seems to be doing just that.

Courtney Gross says Christine Quinn is standing up and getting tough…on Albany.

Grace Rauh covers the politics of plastic bags.

Here's some unflattering news from the Bronx about Michael Bloomberg’s plan to “modernize” senior centers.

Also, the city’s new school construction plan is prompting further grumbling in the Bronx.

Philissa Cramer live-blogged the School Construction Authority’s testimony about their five-year Capital Plan.

The Democrat and Chronicle is laying off some employees.

Here’s footage of City Council candidate John Tobacco opening his campaign office on Staten Island.

A James Heaney simile: Empire Zones are like Muhammad Ali.

The New York Post says a property-tax cap is just the start of the solution.

A Manhattan Community Board’s vote tonight on a land-use issue is the subject of an op-ed in the New York Post.

“How many are guilty? Morally, every one in the crazed throng,” says the Daily News editorial board about the shopping-stampede death in a Wal-Mart in Suffolk County.

One of our favorite blogs is looking for a photo of a new Obama spokesperson.

Brian Stelter tries tackling a problem facing modern news junkies.

More on the lives of two late political figures: Democrat Ramon Velez in the Bronx, and Republican Joseph Margiotta in Nassau County.

An op-ed in the New York Times says the attacks in Mumbai are not exactly “India’s 9/11.” Mid-Morning Read: Fossella’s Reception, Plastic Bags