Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Count, Bloomberg’s Diversity, Daines’ Video

Departing representative Mike McNulty gavels out the congressional session.

New York City Council members sign an open letter asking the Bloomberg administration to hire more minorities.

The Press & Sun Bulletin digest the state budget, and conclude that “in the grander scheme, the pain of all the coming cuts could produce a few improvements in the state landscape.”

David Paterson said $5 billion in federal aid would be “a huge shot in the arm.”

James Heaney says Caroline Kennedy’s “I want to be alone” style “hardly prepares her for the U.S. Senate.”

Richard Steiter is not impressed with Kennedy’s campaign so far.

Someone is not at all sad to see Representative Tom Reynolds retire.

New York may follow Pennsylvania and raise fees for gas drilling.

Sheldon Silver said he backs a payroll tax to help fund the M.T.A.

Nicole Gelinas says New York should have restricted spending to the rate of inflation.

Transit fares for Long Islanders are going up.

Taxes in Yonkers are going up 5.4 percent.

Taxes aren’t going up in Pelham.

Bloomberg’s pro-Israel remarks get picked up by MSNBC.com.

Bob Kappstatter says it was a great, and rotten, year in the Bronx.

Oregon is considering a mileage tax based on tracking drivers with satellites.

And here’s video of Dr. Richard Daines explaining the obesity tax.

Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Count, Bloomberg’s Diversity, Daines’ Video