Mid-Morning Read: Malcolm Smith, Brian Higgins and Two Indictments

Republican State Senator George Winner calls the Senate Dems a "gang that couldn't shoot straight."

Buffalo Pundit writes them and fellow senators an open letter.

If there is no one put in place in January, we could be headed toward a "rudderless" chamber. Not good for the budget process.

And a vote against Malcolm Smith's leadership skills, according to Newsday.

But not affecting David Paterson's fund-raising ability, apparently.

Which was crashed by Dean Skelos and Marty Golden.

The Albany project raises the million-dollar question: who if not Malcolm?

A North  Country congressman takes a prominent slot on the Armed Services Committee.

A state senator raises the prospect of a four-day school week.

David Paterson says an M.T.A. bailout is a ball in the state's court.

The mayor of Rochester traveled to the Capitol to lobby for money for his city in the upcoming budget.

A grand jury indicts Assemblyman Tony Seminario.

And another moves against former judge Thomas Spargo.

The Buffalo News called for an upstate senator, but is now backing Andrew Cuomo to replace Hillary Clinton.

Favorite son Brian Higgins will serve on the Ways and Means Committee.

As David Paterson considers who to appoint, Newsday's Dan Janison offers some advice: "Cash for jobs is a cliché. Be creative."

And below, State Senator Bill Stachowski talks about what would have been his new post as deputy majority leader:

Mid-Morning Read: Malcolm Smith, Brian Higgins and Two Indictments