Mid-Morning Read: Monserrate Arrested, Paterson Self-Depricates

Hiram Monserrate was arrested this morning after bringing his girlfriend to the hospital with lacerations on her face.

George W. Bush announced the terms of the auto-industry bailout.

Caroline Kennedy lunched with Al Sharpton yesterday, and her emergence from Sylvia's prompted Juan Gonzalez to write: "the U.S. Senate is not the British House of Lords."

The Democrat & Chronicle isn't so impressed, either.

Several times over the last years, Kennedy has not voted. 

Paterson's budget is being slammed by both the left and right.

It would cut hair-growth medication for seniors.

The Buffalo News editorial board calls the plan "painful, but necessary."

Paterson acknowledged yesterday that the budget is "painful," "draconian," and "unfair."

The City Council approved a seven percent property tax hike and a higher hotel tax, as expected.

Tom Golisano gave Bill Clinton's foundation over $10 million.

New York City residents are slow to react to the potential problems of upstate natural gas drilling.

Deep Throat is dead.

Below, State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate wishes Spanish-speaking constituents a happy holiday.

Mid-Morning Read: Monserrate Arrested, Paterson Self-Depricates