Mid-Morning Read: Paterson, Kennedy, Fossella

The Staten Island Advance takes Vito Fossella at his word that he’s not running for office again.

Others are hopeful that he will.

Fossella’s wife and kids weren’t there.

The New York Times editorial board has questions for Obama’s Treasury nominee about his role in the A.I.G. collapse.

Richie Fife cast his vote in the Electoral College, and then trashed it.

Caroline Kennedy bumped into Kevin Sheekey and Chris Smith.

Speaking of political dynasties: a Catsimatidis is dating a Nixon.

 “ZOPA has looked more like capitulation,” writes Geoffrey Gray of Malcolm Smith.

More reactions from Paterson in the wake of the Blagojevich story.

A fund-raiser for Steve Israel plays up Hillary Clinton’s departure. [2nd item]

James Madore explains Pete King’s proposed run for Senate.


One of the firehouses slated to close has responded twice to emergencies at the home of a Staten Island Advance reporter.

It’s now Anthony Weiner versus excessive packaging.

Among Paterson's budget cuts are taxes on gasoline and clothing.

The governor will approve a measure to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

A welfare grant increase proposed yesterday has long been on Sheldon Silver’s agenda.

Most people, though, are bracing for the pain.

Here's Buffalo’s fine line between news and spin.

Chuck Schumer is set to visit Niskayuna as residents of the Capital Region struggle to return to normal after an ice storm.

There's a question of whether Paterson should select a “pothole senator” or a political star.

Advocates for the blind say the Paterson S.N.L. skit crossed the line.

The Thruway authority is still going ahead with a planned toll hike.

David Carr says Blagojevich proves we need investigative journalism. Mid-Morning Read: Paterson, Kennedy, Fossella