Mid-Morning Read: Rebates, Maloney, Holtzman and the Bailout

Carolyn Maloney was overheard criticizing Caroline Kennedy on the House Floor, while Anthony Weiner explains that Hillary supporters "remember where she was in the primary." 

Maloney is also continuing to highlight her support from women's groups.

The Syracuse Post asks "Why Caroline?" and then reviews why not.

Bronx City Council candidate Haile Rivera is in Washington working on Obama's transition.

The first guy to ever lose to Obama is from Brooklyn.

No love for Michael Bloomberg in the Jewish Press Blog.

The New York Post editorial board tells Bloomberg to prioritize his budget cuts. 

He's facing "unexpected resistance in the City Council," writes David Seifman.

The Queens Tribune wants to cut costs by eliminating the City Council's discretionary funding.

David Paterson has 10 days to act on tax collection on Indian reservations.

Lee Landor has the local angle on the Ravitch Report.

State Senate Democrats will meet today for the latest round of negotiations. The outcome is very uncertain.

Room 8 blogger JP tries debunking the Albany's Jeff Klein conspiracy theory.

The Buffalo News editorial board says upstate may still "stumble" into some clout.

Mike Schenkler sticks with Malcolm Smith.

A crowd for Vito Fossella on Sunday, predicts Vinny Ignizio.

Failed upstate congressional candidate John Aretakis has his law license suspended.

Ryan Karben spends 10 hours in jail.

State Senator Joe Robach used men who were under investigation in a campaign ad.

It's now unlikely that Representative Gary Ackerman will ever carry Utica.

Kirsten Gillibrand supported the now-dead auto industry bailout.  So did most other members of the New York delegation. But not everyone.

Ray Kelly does an interview with the Daily Beast.

Mike Muller recaps Adolfo Carrion's trying week.

Pat Kiernan's side project is gaining traction.

Ed Skyler didn't buy his own domain name, so someone else did.

Former Bill Clinton aide Jay Carson has a new job.

In the comments section, a reader says it's ironic that Quinn criticized someone else's excessive legal fees after she hired a fourth law firm to defend the City Council in the slush fund probe.

The Brooklyn Paper celebrates the fifth birthday of Atlantic Yards.

Below, video of Andrew Cuomo giving his thoughts on the struggle for leadership in the State Senate:

Mid-Morning Read: Rebates, Maloney, Holtzman and the Bailout