Mid-Morning Read: Senate Democrats

Buffalo Pundit thinks Western New York’ got a raw deal in the State Senate shakeup bluntly.

El Diario applauds Senators Ruben Diaz and Pedro Espada, writing, “They may have succeeded in beginning to turn a page” by increasing Hispanic leadership in Albany.

“I will urge that the next U. S. Senator come from upstate,” Espada told the Buffalo News, noting that all State Senate leaders now come from downstate.

Liz Carl Kruger tells Jay Gallagher “there will be no more back of the bus” in the new State Senate.

“Screw you, Dems,” writes Kelly Culotte in an op-ed in Gay City News.

On passing same-sex marriage in Albany, Alan Van Capelle said, “We’re not there yet.”

Robert Harding isn’t entirely pleased with the deals Malcolm Smith cut.

On the leadership deal, Gatemouth laments, “the devil was in the details. Literally.”

David Paterson lowered expectations and said the Democrats worked out their problems early.

“I’m owed big time,” Albert Baldeo, who is eyeing an Assembly seat, says of the Democratic Party.

Paterson aides “seemed amused” at reading Andrew Cuomo’s chances of being picked to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate.

“The city and state should get off their anti-car kick,” the Queens Chronicle says in an editorial, which says the M.T.A. should “reduce the number of middle managers it employs and delay its capital projects.”

Michael Schenkler’s pick for the Hillary's Senate seat: Caroline Kennedy.

Democrats are still saying voters in the Padavan-Gennaro race are being disenfranchised.

More problems for Charlie Rangel.

Consolidation is a “tough sell” in one Syracuse town.

R.I.P. former Assemblyman Robert Nortz.

More than 21,000 jobs are at stake upstate if the Big Three automakers fail.

And in the clip, David Paterson discusses the State Senate leadership deal. Mid-Morning Read: Senate Democrats