Mid-Morning Read: Sweet Caroline, New Yorkers Opposing the Budget, and the MTA

Caroline Kennedy traveled to Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo on her "listening tour."

It was her first ever trip to Rochester, and she vowed to run for the Senate seat later if she's not appointed. She emerged from a meeting with Mayor Byron Brown wearing a gold Buffalo pin.

Sean Kirst pointed out we haven't truly had an upstate senator in 40 years, and one of his colleagues at the Post-Standard gives Kennedy a road map to upstate acceptance.

She has seen a tepid response in the blogosphere.

Bloomberg aide Kevin Sheekey is shaking trees on her behalf, even if the mayor is keeping his support more guarded.

Noam Scheiber compares Kennedy's behavior to Sarah Palin, and said it's unfair for her to campaign while others don't. Here's a video of Kennedy not taking questions.

The Daily News says that we still don't know what she stands for.

The city's $400 property tax rebates will go out, and also, property taxes will go up.

David Paterson's budget would save money by releasing prisoners.

And would put wine into the grocery store, to the chagrin of liquor store owners.

Tom Golisano's P.A.C. is backing the budget proposals.

Uproar over the many tax increases and cuts continues, and a new poll shows voters are unhappy with the plan.

Many of Paterson's proposals will hurt young people.

E.J. McMahon said it doesn't go far enough.

Investigators subpoenaed a state authority as they probe Joe Bruno.

Kennedy wasn't asked about her pedigree, but said in Buffalo, "I know that I'm fortunate to be in a position where people know who I am, and I want to push that forward." So we offer this video, courtesy of Clone High and Kill Hannah: Mid-Morning Read: Sweet Caroline, New Yorkers Opposing the Budget, and the MTA