Monday, December 15

‘The Observer has never spelled my name right,” said socialite and philanthropist Emma Snowdon-Jones, calling to discuss tonight’s Charity: Water gala, which raises money to dig wells in Africa. Ms. Snowflake-Jones went on: “I met Scott [Harrison, the founder of Charity: Water] the day he came back from Liberia. He had gone to take pictures and was so moved by it and he said, ‘I think the problem is water. And building these wells is very viable. We could do it for between four and five thousand.’ And as we’re sort of talking about this over a $20 or a $16 drink at Double Seven, a club that is no longer, you put your drink down and you feel a bit sick, not from the drink. …” Ms. Snowdrop-Jones encourages friends to “donate her age” to the cause on her birthday, rather than buying gifts. “Not that they would’ve given me a gift,” Ms. Snowdrift-Jones demurred. This year, her birthday raised $8,000. “It’s so wonderful. So you’ve done two wells right there! It doesn’t have to be whatever age I turned—41—but it’s really sweet.” Ms. Snowblower-Jones encouraged people to give this season: “If you don’t buy one of those dancing Santa Clauses, which are amusing for five minutes, that $5 or $10 item is going to make such a massive difference to somebody somewhere else.” Joining Ms. Snowpea-Jones will be delectable Adrian Grenier (of Entourage) and Jessica Stam (of the Marc Jacobs bag we used to compulsively buy on eBay during flusher times), not to mention voluble Matthew Modine, cookbook author Katie Lee Joel and Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest foreign model arm-candy. “You do, you see the best of people,” said Ms. Snowball-Jones. “Even if they’re just there to get their picture taken, they’re helping, you know?”

[charity: ball, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, 7 p.m.,] Monday, December 15