More Projects For Peaches!

Peaches Geldof seems to have figured out a way to ensure continued press attention: keep starting new projects! Today, we learn that the industrious young British socialite will be designing an entire line for clothing retailer PPQ. As you may recall, Ms. Geldof unveiled a 10-piece capsule collection for the label in November.

Apparently, people were so taken with her "Gothic-edged" chiffon, velvet and lace dresses that she has been invited to create a collection similar to Kate Moss‘s sucessful Topshop line. "It’s going to be much more accessible, but not as cheap as Topshop," label owner Percy Parker explained.

He added: “Peaches gets a lot of bad press but that’s just because if she doesn’t think someone is cool, she won’t make the effort or give them any time.”

Meanwhile, The Village Voice has gotten its hands on Ms. Geldof’s recently soft-launched magazine Disappear Here. They even read it for us! What does it look like?

"Visually, the magazine is absolutely chaotic, designed within an inch of its life, packed solid with doodles and axis shifts and odd ligatures, shine, and splatters."

Okay, but what’s inside

"Vulgar, clueless rhetoric blankets the scene. It is best to consider John McCain, we learn, ‘naked, [with] every last one of his orifices stuffed with dough by someone much bigger and domineering than himself.’ Or, in a reflective mood: ‘What a year it’s been for the Grim Reaper […] Ledger’s lifeless and Newman is no more. Even Isaac Bloody Hayes has snuffed it, and he’s a Scientologist. They’re not meant to die.’"

Of course, the Voice concludes, coherent design and content aren’t really the point of the thing: "The whole enterprise shouts for an existence above the realm of accountability. Everything is so sarcastically hedged that it is impossible to know what’s felt and what’s just cool kids kidding."

More Projects For Peaches!