VSL: WEB // Meet the original working girls

Several years ago, photographer Marc McAndrews set out “to create a cultural, almost anthropological survey.” His subject? The desert brothels of Nevada.

The finished project — “Nevada Rose” — features candid photos taken inside the Mustang Ranch, Donna’s Ranch, and the Chicken Ranch (among others). You’ll meet johns and prostitutes (Missy, Red, and two different Saphires), and get to read a “Menu of Pleasure” — which has all the acts you’d expect along with the corresponding prices: A “straight lay” will set you back $850, and an all-night “girlfriend experience” costs a full $15,000. (A third of that will get you “humiliation” — but, sadly, there’s no listing for “mild embarrassment.”) McAndrews moved into the brothels while working on the project but refuses to tell us whether he partook of the services therein; knowing might affect our take on his objectivity, he explains. But really, pal, who are you kidding?

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