New Fox Series Thrown to the Wolves

You have to wonder why Fox would even go through the motions of developing a new series like the unfortunately titled Bitches. From Michael Dougherty, the esteemed writer of such cinematic classics like Superman Returns and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, the potential show was expertly described by Ain’t It Cool as "Wolf-meets-Sex and the City" To wit: four female friends live in New York and, when the moon is full, they turn into werewolves. Seriously. No one has been cast yet, as the project is still in its infancy, but expect to see it on the Fox schedule at some point in 2009.

We’re simply shocked a television series like this could even get off the ground. For starters, with the tanking economy and disastrous ad sales, television shows that are expensive to produce get jettisoned at an alarming rate (see: Dirty Sexy Money). And transforming characters into (believable) werewolves seems well beyond the reaches of a normal series budget. They might blow up cars on 24, but they do it on cardboard sets. (Did you ever look at CTU and think that it was an actual building?) But even if Fox is able to handle the special effects on an efficient budget (ha!), there is the little matter of the show airing on network television. We know that vampires and werewolves go together like oil and water (hey, we’ve seen Underworld!), but still, if True Blood is any indication, monsters of any kind love sex and violence. They crave it. And while television sex has gone off the reservation in recent years, it seems a little far-fetched to think that Fox would allow a lady werewolf to rip off some dude’s arm in post-coital bliss. Though, wait. Since the network did allow Fringe to show a headless body during an episode this year, maybe we’re giving them a little too much credit.

Anyway! With no cast and not one frame shot yet, it is hard to get too riled up about Bitches–incidentally, we’d be shocked if the show goes to air with that title. In the end, we think Fox’s heart is in the right place. The idea of creating a show about four strong-willed women is good for network television; the problem is wrapping it up in a totally unattainable package. If they wanted something like Sex and the City to broaden their audience base they should just pick up Lipstick Jungle. New Fox Series Thrown to the Wolves