Next Up for Kennedy: Buffalo Democrats

ALBANY—Caroline Kennedy is heading to Buffalo after a visit to Syracuse.

She called Erie County Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan last night, he confirmed this morning, but was mostly "touching base."

"My anticipation is she's going to come in and do things with public officials," he said. "I don't anticipate meeting with her."

It's not clear if Kennedy will meet with Byron Brown, the city's mayor who has also been mentioned as a candidate for the seat. Lenihan said he thought she was.

Lenihan came out on the record strongly and early for Representative Brian Higgins, whose district includes Buffalo and surrounding rural communities. He said that "Brian is certainly the favorite here at Democratic headquarters" but that "I anticipate supporting whoever the governor picks."

I asked Lenihan if he thought Kennedy could represent upstate well (she's been taking shots from some elected Republicans in the region) and he replied "I think she understands New York State very, very well. This is a well-educated, very informed, hard-working individual."

[photo from RTPeat] Next Up for Kennedy: Buffalo Democrats