No Holiday Party for ESDC; Two Hours of Mingling Permitted

In these strained times, holiday fun will apparently be limited at the Empire State Development Corporation.

A memo sent out Monday to staffers (below) brings the grim news that the state’s economic development agency, which pays out hundreds of millions in state dollars in an attempt to grow businesses and developments statewide, will have a relatively thrifty December.

In the Pataki era, according to an agency official, the ESDC spent comparatively lavishly and went out to restaurants for its parties. Last year, it had an in-house party, at a cost of $8,000. This year, the official said, no state money will be spent, and there will be smaller (pot-luck!) luncheons and other gatherings. As the memo notes, employees get to use two work hours to enjoy their parsimonious celebrations.





TO: All Empire State Development Employees


FROM: Eileen Mason

DATE: December 8, 2008

RE: Holiday Parties


Due to the current fiscal crisis that our nation is facing, ESD has decided to not sponsor any agency holiday parties this year but instead help our divisions and offices coordinate smaller get-togethers. We invite staff to use up to two hours during the day to host holiday celebrations with their departments and offices.

All coordinators should contact their Human Resources offices in Albany or New York City to communicate event information—including time, date and location—so we can inform Marisa Lago and Dennis Mullen, as they would be happy to attend, if scheduling permits.

If you need support in identifying a department or floor to partner with, your Human Resources office will be happy to assist. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be part of a celebration in the office.

Thank you.


No Holiday Party for ESDC; Two Hours of Mingling Permitted