NY NOW Director ‘Surprised’ Not to Hear From Kennedy

ALBANY—Caroline Kennedy has called a fair number of people about her quest to become a U.S. senator these last few days, but Marcia Pappas wasn't one of them.

"She has not reached out to us, and we're a little surprised that the governor would consider Caroline. Not that we don't have complete respect for her and her work," said Pappas, the executive director for the New York branch of the National Organization of Women. "I think it would certainly behoove her to reach out to the women's organizations, being the oldest and largest women's organization in the country, I think it would behoove her if she cared about women's issues to reach out and say what she would like to happen and where she stands."

Kennedy yesterday expanded her round of phone calls to include face-to-face meetings yesterday with the mayors of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. She's trying to drum up support for her appointment, and is being advised in the matter by consultant Josh Isay's firm Knickerbocker SKD.

Pappas said that NOW has endorsed Representative Carolyn Maloney for her consistent and proven dedication to women's issues, and they're sticking by it. NY NOW Director ‘Surprised’ Not to Hear From Kennedy