Paterson Grants Two Clemencies

ALBANY—Out of the 450 inmates in the state who applied for a New Year's reprieve, David Paterson commuted the sentences of two.

Freddie Warren, 56, is serving 20 years to life on a drug dealing charge. Incarcerated since 1990, he has spent 400 hours learning American Sign Language. He would be eligible for parole in June.

Joanne Carroll, 43, is serving a 15 year sentence for robbery. She has earned an associate's and bachelor's degree while in prison. She would be eligible for parole in June.

An advocate of reforming the state's drug laws called on Paterson to make a pardon grant clemency earlier this week.

Warren and Carroll will go before the Parole Board in January, which will determine their eligibility for release.

CLARIFICATION: Paterson granted clemency, but didn't issue formal pardons. Paterson Grants Two Clemencies