Paterson on Senate Pick: This Is Not Reality TV

At a press conference in midtown this morning about his efforts to provide hurricane relief to Haiti, David Paterson was bombarded with questions about (what else?) who he’ll pick to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

Asked about a New York Post report that quoted a source "close" to the governor saying Caroline Kennedy's chances are slim, Paterson said, “Well, there aren’t really that many people close to me.”

He went on to reiterate that he’s taking him time so that people who have expressed interest have “an opportunity to perhaps maybe come in and talk to me one-on-one.”

When I asked Paterson to elaborate on the timetable for meeting candidates one-on-one, he declined to do so.

The process he said, is "being treated as some sort of reality TV show. No, this is reality of life." 

Paterson on Senate Pick: This Is Not Reality TV