Paterson: They Still Don’t Get It

ALBANY—It sounds as if David Paterson might be tired of this particular argument.

He called a conference call this afternoon for reporters–which started an hour late–because, he said, "just, my sense, that the full story of our economic crisis is not fully appreciated."

"They're not recognizing that his is 2008," said of opponents of the budget he unveiled Tuesday. "We are in Recessionville, and we are headed to places that we never dreamed that we would ever go."

Paterson said yesterday that some of the fee increases he proposed are "draconian" and "unfair," but reiterated they are necessary.

"I'm really using this two weeks of submission to let this discussion take place; let those who properly need to vent, vent," he said. "Because, they are not wrong about what they're saying. Their descriptions are not inaccurate. It's just they are the reality of today. They're uncomfortable with the budget, I'm uncomfortable with reality."

"There's nothing pleasing about what we've had to do," he said.

He also said he would travel the state after the holidays to make his case directly to the public. Paterson: They Still Don’t Get It