Perkins: Deal With the Gang Was a Poisoned Oasis

ALBANY—Ever optimistic, and still firmly behind State Senator Malcolm Smith, Senator Bill Perkins of Harlem explained the current situation in Biblical terms:

"It's like the Democratic party has been in the desert wilderness for forty years , so clearly as you approach the promised land, the oasis, you're kind of perked up to work on behalf of the people from the perspective of being in the majority. But you don't want to drink poison water. So you might have to pass it by for an oasis that is healthier – an opportunity that isn't compromising the well-being of the position that you have for the people of the state of New York."

Even if that means being in the minority?

"I was born as a minority senator – meaning I was elected into the minority. I look forward to being in the majority," he said. "But the marathon is a little longer than we might have anticipated." Perkins: Deal With the Gang Was a Poisoned Oasis