Ravitch: Tolls, ‘Mobility Tax’

Former MTA chair Dick Ravitch, speaking at a press event in midtown next to David Paterson and Michael Bloomberg, just told reporters, “We have suggested that as a revenue item, a public value to be added, that there be tolls on the current free bridges over the Harlem River and East River.”

He also suggested creating a “regional bus authority” and a “capital finance authority” to help the M.T.A. deal with those two issues.

"The tolling would produce about $1 billion in revenues,” said Ravitch.

Another revenue generator Ravitch recommended is what he called a “mobility tax,” on business payroll that would produce about a $1.5 annually, and allow the MTA to borrow up to $30 billion.

"This is an effort to spread the burden," said Ravitch.  Ravitch: Tolls, ‘Mobility Tax’