Report: Jury reaches guilty verdict in Fort Dix case

The Cherry Hill Post reports that jurors in the Fort Dix trial this afternoon found the five defendants guilty of plotting to attack and kill soldiers at the military base.

The case became a campaign issue in the 2007 legislative race when Republicans questioned Democratic candidate Tracy Riley’s defense attorney husband’s decision to take the case.

To arguments that the five foreign-born defendants lacked the will to carry out their attack on the base, the Cherry Hill Post quotes Deputy U.S. Defense Attorney William Fitzpatrick saying such "was an obvious attempt to divert your attention" from the defendants' recorded words "that cry out for guilty verdicts."

Upon the arrest of the men in 2007, then-U.S. Attorney Chris Christie told PBS, “We're not contending they had any connection with an international terror organization, but we are very strongly saying they were inspired by the international Islamic jihadist movement. And they were attempting to bring that brand of violence right here to the state of New Jersey.” Report: Jury reaches guilty verdict in Fort Dix case