Schumer Says He’s Staying Out of It

Even though Chuck Schumer appeared yesterday next to Jerry Nadler – who, like others, has said he wants to be the next United States senator from New York – Schumer said that he isn’t making public or private endorsements in that matter.

Schumer and Nadler appeared in midtown yesterday to talk about transportation funding New York might get from Washington.

Schumer was asked about another senate candidate, Caroline Kennedy, who gave a bunch of interviews recently, and whose campaign for the appointed position is being run by former Schumer aide Josh Isay.

Schumer said, “First, this is Governor Paterson’s decision and I don’t want in any way to cramp his style so, I am not going to make any public endorsement, nor private endorsement of the – there are now 12 candidates running. I’ve talked to most of them. I know every one of them. I think every one of them would be good as senator and would be a good partner. So, that’s all I’m saying on that issue.”

When asked for his reaction to Caroline Kennedy’s interviews, Schumer said, “That’s all I’m saying.

Schumer Says He’s Staying Out of It