Still no timeline for Crowley

There's still no indication whether biotech executive John Crowley is going to run for governor, but political confidante Bill Spadea said that the buzz surrounding several Republican candidates is healthy.

“When you think about how this state has been so dominated by the Democrats for so many years, and how the economic situation continues to worsen under the Democratic watch, it is no surprise to me that people are very energized about the Republican Party,” Spadea said. “It tells me the voters are energized for change and the Republican Party is shaping up to be that vehicle for change.”

Times have changed for Crowley. In March and April, he was fielding phone calls from John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani – all encouraging the businessman with the compelling life story to enter the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Now he’s considering entering a race where former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is the clearly establishment favorite.

“What we’re seeing today is more organic and local in terms of the encouragement,” said Spadea. “As far as early support [for Christie], it’s not surprise. A lot of that comes from familiarity and name identification, at least among organizational Republicans. Beyond that, the great thing about the way the system works is it will go to the voters.” Still no timeline for Crowley