The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

House Speaker Pelosi to pressure the Treasury to increase direct aid to struggling homeowners if the administration requests access to the second half of the $700 billion financial bailout. [WSJ]

New York region saw bankruptcies rise 36 percent last quarter, faster than the national average. [City Room]

Madoff’s may not be biggest the Ponzi scheme in history. That distinction goes to the failed mortgage lenders and investment banks whose machinations led to the credit crisis and over $1 trillion in bank losses. [DealBook via City Room]

Daily News EIC Martin Dunn accused by former staff writer of squashing Atlantic Yards coverage after the project’s developers objected to her coverage. [PolitickerNY]

The size and quantity of loans has dropped considerably across NYC’s non-residential market since mid-September. [TRD]

The Viridian, a Greenpoint luxe condo, expected to go rental. [Curbed]

Bring Out Your Dead! Lost City’s annual list of architectural landmarks lost to the whims of the NYC real estate market. [Lost City via Curbed]

Report predicts U.S. homeowners will have collectively lost over $2 trillion in home value by the end of the year. [CNN via TRD]

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers considering dumping tons of toxic soil in Willets Point and other locales among the outer boroughs. [Queens Crap]

City considering building a school at the site of Bay Ridge’s recently demolished Green Church. [Brooklyn Paper via mcbrooklyn] The Afternoon Wrap: Monday