The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

White House considering “orderly” bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler as part of a larger rescue package for the beleaguered auto industry. [NY Times]

City Council votes to reinstitute the 7 percent property tax and to raise the hotel tax, though Bloomberg promises to send out those $400 rebate checks “as soon as possible.” [Crain’s]

New York State’s unemployment rate rose in November to 6.1 percent—a four-year high—while the rate here in the city jumped to 6.3 percent. [City Room]

City moves toward a massive rezoning of Brighton Beach. [Curbed]

Goodbye Kira Plastinina, we hardly knew ye. [Racked via Curbed]

Sloan-Kettering drops $42 million (likely all of it cash) on the purchase of a four-story UES building. [TRD]

CB2’s meeting last night on the Walentases’ 18-story Dumbo development grew so heated, the community board never found time to actually vote on the building. [TRD]

Queens Botanical Garden to close for two weeks this holiday season in order to save $55,000. [Queens Crap]

Uncovered emails from Bloomberg aides provide striking evidence that the administration manipulated city land assessors to come up with two different values for the stadium’s land so the Yankees could get $1 million in tax-free bonds. [VV via WBB]

A few ideas on how to transform Greenpoint’s Studio B, which just hit the market for $1 million. [Williamsburg is Dead]

Cemusa misspells another Manhattan street! [BoweryBoogie]

The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday