The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Manslaughter charges expected to be announced later today against three construction supervisors and a subcontractor at the Deutsche Bank building. [NY Times]

Today begins New York’s mysterious (and much-needed) two-week eviction holiday. [NY Times] 

Instead of layoffs, more employers are cutting down labor costs by introducing four-day workweeks, wage freezes, or unpaid vacations. [NY Times] 

Six changes in store for hedge funds as their ranks thin out next year. [NY Times] 

In the wake of Madoff scandal, all eyes turn to the Fairfield Greenwich Group—a hedge fund that made a pretty penny from their business with the disgraced investor. [NY Times] 

Even though co-op sales have slowed dramatically since the economy collapsed, co-op boards have only increased their standards for potential buyers. [NY Times] 

An artsy couple buys a Bed-Stuy brownstone with the proceeds of the sale of a Jean-Michel Basquiat. [NY Times] 

The Age of the Condo arrives in Northside Williamsburg. [NY Times] 

As luxury apartment sales screech to a halt, “$20 million is the new $40 million” as far as sale prices go in the high-end market. [NY Times] 

After his money market company took a big hit from the recession this fall, Bruce R. Bent II and his wife put their 4,500-square-foot West Village penthouse on the market for $16.5 million. [NY Times] 

Cut your price, and you’ll have buyers at your door in no time. Just ask the folks who sold a West Side brownstone for just $2.2 million. [NY Times] 

If the state’s budget gap increases any further, Paterson acknowledges he may have no choice but to raise taxes on the wealthy. [NY Times] 

The family of Robert Beddia—one of two firefighters killed in the Deutsche Bank building fire last year—agrees to a monetary settlement from Bovis Lend Lease. [NY Times] 

The Union Square Holiday Market stands alone among the city’s outdoor markets. [NY Times] 

Place an order on, and two Brooklyn hipsters will pick-up and deliver bodega items directly to your door. [NY Times] 

Celebrating its 150th anniversary, Barnegat Lighthouse shines again. [NY Times] 

With $530 billion of commercial mortgages coming due for refinancing in the next three years, commercial real estate is the latest industry forced to seek a Washington bailout. [WSJ] 

Set off by falling interest rates, banks see a surge in mortgage applications, though it’s too early to tell what affect this may have on the larger housing market. [WSJ] 

Bloomberg calls out “gutless” City Council members who voted against his property tax hike. [NYDN] 

By offering beautifully renovated lofts at low prices, HHG Development Associates is helping to turn Trenton’s reputation around. [NYDN] 

Bay Ridge’s Richard Martin—“the crankiest super in New York”—finally gets fired. [NYDN] 

NYC spends $4 million to fix 113 of the city’s worst apartments buildings after their landlords refused to make the repairs themselves. [NYDN] 

The Greystones—a co-op community in Jackson Heights—has been celebrating the holidays for decades with a famous display featuring 14, six-foot-high Christmas trees. [NYDN] 

Madoff’s rise from the modest shores of Rockaway Beach to the heights of financial corruption. [NYDN] 

East Side businesses near March’s crane collapse still struggling to get back on their feet. [NYDN] 

With home heating oil prices falling, New Yorkers are kicking themselves for signing contacts for locked rates when prices were high this summer. [NYDN] 

More New Yorkers to start their own businesses as job losses mount. [NYDN] 

NYPD’s Sky Watch tower comes to the Diamond District. [NY Post] 

Madoff’s con game made victims of even his closest friends and associates. [NY Post]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday