The Hunt for Senate Defectors

ALBANY—Now that Malcolm Smith has forging a united Democratic majority under his leadership, look for the party to redouble its efforts to recruit defectors from the Republican side.

State Senator Joe Robach – who used to be a Democrat –  could be a target, as well as State Senator Jim Alesi, who was reported earlier as a possibility.

On the opposite side, both Senators Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada Jr. have ties to the Republicans. Espada flipped parties in 2002 (and was voted out) and Kruger was the only Democrat to serve as a committee chairman when the chamber was controlled by Republicans.

Kruger was asked by the Daily News if he would switch parties, and he didn't answer.

Things may also get easier for the Democrats if they pick up the Frank Padavan seat, which, after a court ruling today, is not out of play.

The Hunt for Senate Defectors