The Round-Up: Thursday

Manhattan district attorney’s office considering a deal in which the company responsible for dismantling the Deutsche Bank Building would avoid criminal chargs by instituting safety reforms and paying a cash settlement to victims’ families. [NY Times]

The thousands of ground zero workers suing NYC will finally have their day in court beginning in 2010. [NY Times]

Dealing with more stringent state regulations, New Jersey towns are pulling all-nighters to come up with new affordable housing plans by Dec. 31. [NY Times]

Even if General Growth does file for bankruptcy, little will change at its four New Jersey malls. [NY Times]

FDIC chair Sheila Bair draws criticism from the White House and the Treasury for her aggressive stances on using taxpayer dollars to help homeowners facing foreclosure. [NY Times]

House passes $14 billion rescue plan for auto industry, but the bill continues to face stiff opposition from Senate Republicans. [NY Times]

Ravitch concedes that there should be some “flexibility” in who pays NYC bridges tolls. [NYDN]

In an effort to stem motorcycle noise, a new city law would require all bikes to have certification tags from the Environmental Protection Agency or face big fines. [NYDN]

Ratner vows to continue Atlantic Yards construction as soon as the lawsuit threatening the project is resolved. [NYDN]

Fort Greene and Clinton Hill businesses wrangling over whether or not to create a businesses improvement district along Fulton Street. [NYDN]

Jamaica block wracked by sewage and flooding problems waits for help from the Transportation Department. [NYDN]

A look inside Michael Feinstein’s unorthodox UES home encompassing two townhouses—one five stories tall, the other six—combined into a single 9,000-square-foot mansion. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: Bjork scouting out Laight Street condo worth just under $5 million; Natasha Lyon sells her Gramercy Towers penthouse for $440,000; Alan Alda grabs a third apartment on his floor of the Millennium Towers at West 67th Street. [NY Post]

Number of unemployment claims rose much higher than expected last week, bringing the total to a 26-year high. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Thursday