The Round-Up: Tuesday

Manhattan DA indicts three supervisors and a subcontractor for gross negligence in the Deutsche Bank building fire, while the city escapes without a charge. [NY Times]

M.T.A. considering a proposal to raise single ride fares to $3. [NY Times] 

The number of families housed in the city’s shelters jumped to 9,720 last month—the highest number in at least 25 years. [NY Times] 

Federal regulators allowed IndyMac to backdate a $18 million contribution in order to save the bank for a few more months. [NY Times] 

Housing Authority threatening to close 19 community centers citywide. [NYDN] 

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau releases the details of his investigation into the Deutsche Bank building fire. [NYDN] 

Proposal for a greener Flushing Meadows-Corona Park meets with resistance from preservationists concerned about relics from the World’s Fair. [NYDN] 

Realty Check: No progress on Sheldon Solow’s First Avenue pits as lawsuit trouble mounts; contrary to a New York Times report, work on RFR Realty’s Shangri-La Hotel is still going strong. [NY Post] 

Prices fall to Black Friday levels at retail stores citywide. [NY Post] 

Contractors complain of soaring stop-work orders issued in the wake of the crane collapses earlier this year, though they acknowledge that the problem has improved in recent months with better-trained inspectors. [Crain’s] 

As developers find it tougher and tougher to pay the bills, Manhattan building contractors are resorting to liens in increasing numbers. [TRD] 

Government report shows slight progress last quarter with helping homeowners facing foreclosure. [WSJ] 

Madoff investigation widens to focus on a major lieutenant at the firm and its accountant. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Tuesday