The Washingtonienne Gets Wed! Wait, What?

On Monday, Dec. 8, at 5 p.m., a diminutive woman in a tasteful grey suit and a poufy bridal veil tottered around the Church Lounge of the Tribeca Grand Hotel in heels, trying to control her chocolate cocker spaniel. She looked familiar, but perhaps only to the rabid media-watchers who knew her story: It was Jessica Cutler, also known as the Washingtonienne, the Capitol Hill sex blogger outed, then fired, after 13 days of writing about her sexual exploits with the rich and powerful on the Hill in 2004. And this was her post-City Hall wedding reception to bankruptcy lawyer Charles Rubio, of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. They met last March at an East Midtown bar called, appropriately, Redemption.

In the brutal aftermath that involved lawsuits from one of the men she was involved with, Cutler called the public embarrassment “liberating.” Her story was turned into a novel, also called The Washingtonienne; an HBO pilot is now in the works.

However, of all the things she had to be embarrassed about, “I am so embarrassed about that bar!” Ms. Cutler interjected to her handsome blond husband, who was wearing a pink boutonnière. After their wedding that morning, they’d gone to lunch at Delmonico’s. “Shut up, Charles! What are you telling her?”

“He doesn’t know what you should and shouldn’t say in front of reporters,” she added as an aside.

The engagement had been kept quiet until the Washington Post’s Reliable Source column broke the news, proving that some, at least, were still interested in the trajectory of the unapologetic Ms. Cutler. Speaking of, was her new groom aware of Jessica’s storied past? “It came out very soon” after he’d proposed, in Grand Central Station, with a Cartier “Love” bracelet instead of a ring (the bride has a tendency to lose things. “But she didn’t tell me her last name for like, two weeks!” Mr. Rubio said. “She told me she was in Playboy, though.” And yes, he’s read her book.

"Charles, what are you saying?" Cutler called over. "What did he say?"

There was much joking about the wedding night—"You know what to do, right?" one of his buddies asked Mr. Rubio, clapping him on the back. "I’ll have to teach him," said Ms. Cutler, with deadpan wit.

The cake was brought out, a fleshtone affair in the shape of a derriere, with "to have and to hold" inscripted across each cheek. Whose idea was the cake, asked the Daily Transom?

"Whose idea do you think it was?" asked the groom with a roll of his eyes.

"Nobody’s ass looks like that," said a party guest, surveying the frosted lumps. "They’re like Botox-plump."

Why a City Hall wedding, anyway? "We live near there," in the Financial District, Ms. Cutler said, "and we’re not religious. I wanted to elope. All of this is his idea. He’s the Bridezilla in this situation!" The couple went to City Hall to tie the knot (and fill out the paperwork) that morning.

The waiting room was far from glamorous: upon arrival, the woman in charge promptly took her lunch break. During the wait, Mr. Rubio said, "My Dad went out and got a bag of M&Ms and was passing them around."

"There was a woman in there putting lotion on her feet," added Ms. Cutler. "She was wearing sandals, for some reason, in this weather."

They hadn’t made reservations at the Tribeca Grand. “We flash-mobbed this place,” she said. “They made us buy a bottle.”

How was the HBO adaptation of The Washingtonienne going? "They finished shooting the pilot and are probably editing it now—I mean, I only know what I know from Google Alerts. They won’t know until next year if it’ll be a series."

What about a new book? "I have lots of ideas, and someone helping me," she said. That someone is author Michael Malice, whose last book was co-authoring Made in America, the New York Times bestselling memoir of Ultimate Fighting Champion (and devout Christian) Matt Hughes. "So if there’s anything weird or illegal in there, I’ll blame him."

"Jessica actually texted to ask me if I wanted to collaborate on the next book (how 21st Century! It’s like we’re living in Gossip Girl!)" Mr. Malice told the Daily Transom via e-mail. "The only thing I can say about the book is that it’s going to be about spaceships. The process is a very easy one, because what’ll happen is, for example, I’ll have an idea and she’ll take it and top it… That, I think, is the best and truest kind of collaboration."

Mr. Malice also offered his endorsement to the groom: "He is a great, great person."

"My original blog was shut down after less than two weeks," Ms. Cutler said. "So anything that comes out of that, really…"

Outside the hotel, a scrum of paparazzi waited, cameras at the ready. Not for Ms. Cutler, presumably, but for Brooke Shields, who had unwittingly wandered into the wedding party.

The Washingtonienne Gets Wed! Wait, What?