This Is the Clinton-Donor List We’ve Been Waiting For?

Although the combing-through process is far from complete, it looks very much as if the release of the list of donors to Bill Clinton’s foundation is every bit as anticlimactic as we suspected it would be, and that it won’t seriously impede Hillary Clinton’s appointment as secretary of state.

As Politico pointed out this morning, the AP had the first look and ended up leading with the already much-discussed donations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which sources close to Bill Clinton had long talked about as the "embarrassing" name that would come out.

There are also other names the Clintons would rather be done talking about, like Denise Rich, and people who have interesting personal lives, like this guy, but nothing that constitutes a surprise.

As University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato put it, "So much of this has already been public because Clinton makes news wherever he goes and people knew where the money was coming from. One wonders how much this is going to matter. It seems like it is going to be a footnote."

Which makes the real question here what took them so long, especially taking into consideration all the speculation and criticism that Hillary Clinton endured during the primary contests because of the then-secret list.

"It was a strategic mistake," said Sabato about the decision not to release the list earlier. "The whole point for her should have been to show transparency and show that she was going to run the White House different than he did. Instead she demonstrated the opposite."

This Is the Clinton-Donor List We’ve Been Waiting For?