Thompson: ‘Real Questions About the Yankee Stadium Deal’

Since Bill Thompson continued the roll out of his mayoral campaign with a conference call this afternoon for bloggers (also: Seifman and Rafferty), I solicited questions from readers via Gchat and Facebook to ask during the call.

The first question, from a reader via Gchat, was whether Thompson would support the city issuing hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax-free bonds for the new Yankee Stadium (on top of the $940 million already issued.). The Mets also want more public bonds for the new stadium.

“It’s something that I’m looking at now,” said Thompson.

“There are real questions about the Yankee Stadium deal,” he added later, citing in particular “how much it’s ballooned."

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky said today he's looking into it.

Thompson: ‘Real Questions About the Yankee Stadium Deal’