Weekend in Review: Taxing the Rich, Questions for Kennedy, Reacting to Hiram

In an interview with The New York Times, David Paterson said if projections of the budget deficit grow, he will have to raise taxes on higher-income earners.

Paterson, accompanied by Anthony Weiner and Steve Israel, arrived in Iraq this morning.

The last time the state raised taxes things worked out well, according to a Parma blogger. (via Rochester Turning)

State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate, who allegedly injured his girlfriend with a broken glass, released a statement saying he's innocent. The woman is no longer cooperating with the investigation.

Scott Stringer is calling for Monserrate's "indefinite recusal."

The Daily News thinks Monserrate should not be allowed to take office.

Republicans in Albany say they will do whatever they can to keep Monserrate from being sworn in.

A cousin of Monserrate's girlfriend defends him.

Answering a series of questions for the Times, Caroline Kennedy comes out in favor of gay marriage, and against school vouchers.

Although Politico recently reported that Andrew Cuomo actually likes the idea of Kennedy for Senate, now, according to the Times, he's actually "fuming."

With this contradiction, writes John Riley, "you're left with a picture of a guy who doesn't really want the job, but feels he deserves it and is annoyed that people are actually taking his posture of disinterest seriously."

Dan Jacoby thinks Kennedy might be peaking too soon–and also that Paterson won't appoint another scene-stealer.

Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez backs Kennedy.

Geraldine Ferraro, who seems to keep popping up, reportedly sent a letter to Paterson urging him not to pick Kennedy.

Joe Crowley's leadership bid has fizzled, in part, some sources tell Politico, because in the House, "Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy gets."

Representative-elect Eric Massa lays out his priorities in a Star-Gazette op-ed.

The city is supposedly committing to a plan to capture more wastewater, instead of letting overflowing storm drains just empty into the harbor.

A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed last February against the city's just-departed commissioner on aging.Michael Bloomberg is #36 on Newsweek's "most powerful" list, which says of the mayor, "And as Wall Street panics, he's also led by staying calm—and solvent."

The Democrat & Chronicle editorial board writes that all New Yorkers must share the sacrifice to solve the budget crisis, as long as upstate doesn't get hit too hard.

The city has vacancies in three major housing posts.

DUMBO's community board voted against a Walentas condo project–even though it came with a free middle school–because it is "too tall."

Brooklyn 11211 is worried about the commercial garbage trucks that will still be trundling through North Brooklyn after the marine transfer station opens elsewhere.

Americans appear fairly optimistic about Obama.

Obama promises to put science at the "top of the agenda" with a bunch of brainy, climate-changed focused scientists in his cabinet.

John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham praise Obama's cabinet picks and engage in soaring rhetoric about bipartinsanship in this Washington Post op-ed.

And as the scandal he created widens, Bernie Madoff was spotted watching TV in his penthouse this weekend.

Weekend in Review: Taxing the Rich, Questions for Kennedy, Reacting to Hiram