Weiner: Toll Idea Is ‘Tired, Old’

Anthony Weiner, the 44-year-old congressman and declared mayoral candidate, responded to the Ravitch Commission's recommendation to toll the East River bridges as a “tired, old proposal.”

In a statement Weiner said, “[W]e need new and innovative ideas, not tired old proposals, Like a ghost in a Shakespearean play, the idea of taxing the commuters in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island for using the East River Bridges or raising fares appears again and again.”

Tolling the bridges has come up for debate numerous times in the last decades, usually to overwhelming opposition, including some from Weiner himself.

Michael Bloomberg, who is 66, supports the idea.

I asked Weiner if he was making a subtle dig at Bloomberg's age with the “tired, old” line.

Weiner, responding over IM, replied, “east river tolls. wow. that’s fresh.” Weiner: Toll Idea Is ‘Tired, Old’