Wolfson to Billionaire Bloomberg

Howard Wolfson just confirmed in a mass email a long-speculated-upon move to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reelection campaign as a communications strategist.

In the email, Wolfson writes, “As a New Yorker, I am very excited at the prospect of helping the Mayor at this very critical time in our city’s history.”

Wolfson had less charitable things to say about the mayor back in 2005, when he worked for the state Democratic Party and used to mock Bloomberg regularly for being an “out-of-touch billionaire.”

And this, from Jim Rutenberg in 2003:

Howard Wolfson, a consultant to the New York State Democratic Committee, said that for all of the money Mr. Bloomberg has spent, the party can take heart that his approval ratings in public polls has not gone much higher than 50 percent. “‘They’ve been spending in a vacuum now for what seems like years and he’s barely nudged over 50, and he’s staying there,'” he said.

CORRECTION: The dates I gave for the old Wolfson quotes in the original version of this post were off. Apologies. Wolfson to Billionaire Bloomberg