A Subtle Swipe at De Blasio’s Timing

In a curtain raiser to the deathmatch in the public advocate’s race, I included an anecdote about Eric Gioia griping about Bill de Blasio’s late entry into the race.

Now, Gioia’s allies are elaborating.

In announcing an endorsement of Gioia yesterday, the president of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, Bruce Booth, repeatedly refers to Gioia’s early dedication to supporting the union’s agenda.

In a statement released by Gioia’s campaign, Booth said, “The campaign to be the next New York City Public Advocate will have several very fine candidates. However it was over two years ago when Councilmember Eric Gioia came to the leadership and members of UFCW Local1500 and detailed how as Public Advocate he would pursue and aggressive agenda to help UFCW Local 1500 membership with their core issues.”

Both went on to say, “His early commitment to the race, combined with his dedication over the years as a Queens Councilmember to helping Local 1500 members, is why Local 1500 is proud to support Eric Gioia to be the next Public Advocate of for the City of New York.”

Got it.

De Blasio had been an active candidate for Brooklyn Borough President until term limits were extended, enabling the incumbent in that office a chance to run for re-election. After the current public advocate announced she wouldn’t seek re-election, de Blasio entered the race.

Also worth noting: Gioia hired a campaign manager, Eli Richlin. Richlin is a Harvard grad whom I met a few years ago when he was starting out as a press secretary for Gioia. Richlin moved up but eventually left for grad school and, it seems, has returned.

According to Gioia’s latest campaign finance filing, Richlin was hired in December. A Subtle Swipe at De Blasio’s Timing