Beatrice Inn Patrons Not Happy About the Smoking Crackdown (BTW, You Still Can’t Get In)

The Beatrice Inn has never been easy to penetrate. And so BlackBook decided to check in with two anonymous twenty-something Beatrice Inn patrons about the perpetually impossible door policy.

When asked about possible strategies for getting in, the male Beatrice Inn-goer confidently declared that being Kirsten Dunst is one way to ensure entry. Meanwhile, the female patron said, “There is no strategy. Just be confident. The doormen can smell fear.”

We also learned that rejected Beatrice Inn patrons have been descending upon the nearby Corner Bistro in droves.

It’s just another excuse to eat at Corner Bistro. Or just stand on the corner smoking, acting as if you’re just leaving in case any of your friends coming out of Beatrice and see you,” said the woman. “The ‘yeah, it’s so packed in there …’ really works for your ego.”

But it seems that some things about the Beatrice have changed recently … and the Daily Transom may even be somewhat responsible.

A few months ago, we asked a spokesman for the mayor to respond to a Page Six Magazine article calling out places like the Rose Bar and Beatrice on their noncompliance with the smoking ban.

“We increased our late night inspections because we found bars are more likely to let people smoke late at night because they do not expect inspections to occur,” a spokesperson informed us, insisting that smoking at bars has decreased despite some nightspots still not following orders. 

And then there was the piece we did on the Reinvention of Kirsten Dunst, in which various Beatrice regulars informed us that Ms. Dunst can “often be found at the Beatrice Inn, perched on the counter behind the DJ booth, smoking cigarettes and bopping her head around to her [ex] boyfriend’s tunes.”

And so, regarding the following statement from the Beatrice patron, we’d like to issue a formal apology. 

“A big thanks to New York magazine, the Observer, and a barrage of low-grade blogs calling the Bea out on their smoking policies. Now we’re forced to smoke on the sidewalks in the dead of winter as some budget bottle model riffles through our Chanel bags and wallets in the Pink Room. Thanks a lot.”
Beatrice Inn Patrons Not Happy About the Smoking Crackdown (BTW, You Still Can’t Get In)