Bill Keller Changed His Profile Picture, 11:57 A.M.

Well, hello there, Mr. Keller! Nice to see you.

At a little before noon today, a link went up on telling us that Bill Keller will be fielding questions from readers next week, but wow!

For the first time in a long time, Mr. Keller has a snazzy new corporate photo! The old, cold, crinkly-eyed one has been replaced with a warmer photo with a color palette with hints of sepia. We do love Fred Conrad who took the old photo, but kudos to you, Tony Cenicola, for this brand new pic.

Mr. Keller’s new expression heralds a new Times: His 15-degree head tilt makes him look younger, tougher, even (dare we say?) more austere.

Mr. Keller turned 60 last week, and the clock is ticking on his editorship—mandatory retirement age for the top job is 65—so maybe his new photo has to do with firming up his legacy.


Anyway, we felt like we needed a second opinion! So we reached out to the curator, longtime Village Voice photo critic and New Yorker contributor Vince Aletti for his take.

"Only thing I can say is the guy looks a lot more no-nonsense exec in the new picture," Mr. Aletti wrote in an e-mail.

"No longer the kindly boss. Would not want to cross him in the current economy."

  Bill Keller Changed His Profile Picture, 11:57 A.M.