Bloomberg: Rezone Flatbush, Build Green, Disband LMDC

Mayor Bloomberg, according to his prepared remarks (PDF) for his annual State of the City this afternoon, is calling for a laundry list of government initiatives meant to bolster the local economy and create jobs.

Among the steps the mayor plans to highlight are a rezoning of the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn; new energy efficiency requirements for existing buildings and property owners; a repeal of the state Wicks Law; and a reform of the pension system.

While a number of the initiatives were previously announced, such as a commitment to infrastructure, here’s a few notable points from the prepared text of the speech:

“[H]ere in Flatbush, we’ll re-zone the area not only to create more affordable housing but also to protect its distinct Victorian charm. Brooklyn may have lost the Dodgers, but we’ll make sure its neighborhoods never lose their character.

[W]e’ll propose State legislation that will make it more difficult to commit mortgage fraud and also improve the chances of restitution to victims. The housing crisis is bad enough without thieves scamming innocent homeowners.

One layer of bureaucracy that should definitely be put out to pasture, incidentally, is the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. This year, we’ll continue pushing the Port Authority to keep the Freedom Tower, memorial, and the rest of the site on schedule – but we don’t need the LMDC to do it. The LMDC should be folded into our Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center so that work at the site can progress more smoothly and taxpayers can save money.

To drive down the cost of public construction, we’ll implement reforms to increase competition for contracts. Even bigger savings would result if the State Legislature adopts Governor Paterson’s proposal to reform – or better yet, repeal – the antiquated Wicks Law. The special interests want to keep it – but you’re paying for it. It adds to the cost of public construction, while also reducing opportunities for minority-and-women-owned businesses to win sub-contracts."

We’ve heard the call for the LMDC disbandment before, but the mayor hadn’t before said it should become part of the LMCCC, an LMDC subsidiary of sorts that is run jointly by the city and state. Bloomberg: Rezone Flatbush, Build Green, Disband LMDC