Bruno the Victim

ALBANY—About two hours after his indictment on honest-services charges was unsealed in federal court today, former State Senate majority leader Joe Bruno held a press conference to proclaim his innocence and announce that he would fight back against a prosecution he called politically motivated.

He walked into the gathering at the Crowne Plaza hotel affecting a casual attitude—humming, even—but proceeded to grow despondent and even angry as he complained about his treatment.

He said that the indictment was a result of a “three-year fishing expedition,” called prosecutors hypocritical, and said they “invented a crime in order to get me.”

“I never thought a day like this would happen in my life,” he said. “There is nothing more searing than to stand before a judge and hear yourself formally charged with breaching your personal and professional code of conduct.”

Bruno vowed to fight the charges and expressed confidence that he would be acquitted.

Bruno the Victim