Consolidate Ethics Commissions, Report Says

ALBANY—As expected, a report released today by the Commission on Investigation recapped all previous investigations into the "troopergate" scandal and recommended that two other investigative authorities – the office of the Inspector General and the Commission on Public Integrity – be folded under their umbrella.

Doing so "will not only save New York State funds during these difficult economic times, but will allow government investigation, particularly concerning investigation of state government and its employees, to operate more efficiently and effectively."

The full report is here.

State Senator George Winner, an Elmira Republican, attacked the report, saying it "falls silent on some of the key questions that have dogged us from the beginning of Troopergate."

"I was hoping, for example, that the SIC would determine whether the Spitzer administration improperly influenced the investigations conducted by District Attorney Soares and the Public Integrity Commission.  In other words, did they ever work in concert in an effort to protect the former governor?" Winner asked.

Consolidate Ethics Commissions, Report Says