Dressel jumps back in race for Bergen Dem chair

HACKENSACK – Local labor leader Richard “Buzzy” Dressel threw himself back into the bullring today for thechairmanship of the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO).

“In light of the fact that Ferriero cancelled tonight’s long awaited Executive Committee meeting, I cannot in good faith walk away,” said Dressel.”This is just another example of how the ‘process’ is so screwed up. You have a chairman that spoke of his resignation last week, then called for a meeting this evening, fired the legal counsel that the party put in when Oury and Ferrireo were indicted, and then cancelled tonight’s meeting.

“As I understand the ‘rules,’ the meeting tonight was to vote on having the county convention next week,” Dressel added.”Now, the committee does not vote, and an indicted, resigning chairman merely puts a convention in place to vote in his puppet. He is starting to make Saddam Hussein look like a benevolent dictator.”

He’ll face party fundraiser Michael Kasparian, thechoice offormer Chairman Joe Ferriero, who has substantial party support in the executive committee from the likes of County Executive Dennis McNerney and Sheriff Leo McGuire.

Business manager for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 164, Dressel runs with the blessing of state Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), and grassroots Democratic Party support.

He acknowledged he initially dropped his bid when he thought negotiations among party power players appeared to be close to reaching a compromise to install state Ssen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge) as interim party chair.

Dressel backed down, he says, “out of respect for Paulie.”

But when those negotiations dying over the weekendcoupled with what Dressel said was Ferriero’s decision to canceltonight’s executive meeting, propelled the unionDemocrat back into the fight.

“I know it’sDavid and Goliath but I don’t want to lie and play dead,”Dressel told PolitickerNJ.com.

The candidate said in the wake of Sarlo’s candidacy going nowhere,state party leadership has been, in his words, “strangely missing.”

“I think that’s a poor choice on their part,” Dressel added, “because the party is factionalized.”

Some of the Ferriero forces said yesterday they believed based on some of Weinberg’s public statements that even though Dressel appeared to be out of the running, they doubted Kasparian would go unchallenged for the chairmanship at the Jan. 22 convention – a date Ferriero personally selected.

Some reaffirmed their support for Kasparian’s candidacy.

“Michael Kasparian is the right Chairman for Bergen County Democrats at the right time,” said Saddle River Municipal Party Chairman Joseph Ariyan.”He is a man of integrity and stature, who is not and has not been beholden to anyone, except his family.

“All members of our party, from the County Committee to Senators Sarlo and Weinberg, should rest assured that he will be the leader we need – from party reform to winning elections this Fall,” Ariyan added.”It is now time that we all need to work together to begin the healing of our Organization and unite behind Mike.”

Indicted on federal corruption charges, Ferriero faces trial in September.

“What is missed by Ferreiro, Kasparian, and all of their supporters is that the voting public is educated, and will not accept more Business as Ususal,'” said Dressel.”Witness what took place in November. Barack Obama, one of the most popular presidential candidates in decades, wins Bergen County by over 30,000 votes, while the Freeholders just squeak into office.If Obama was not at the top of the ticket, the three Republicans would have surely been victorious; to say otherwise shows that you are in denial.”

Dressel jumps back in race for Bergen Dem chair