Dublin to give up freeholder chairmanship

Hudson County Freeholder Jeff Dublin will relinquish his chairmanship to Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico at the board’s reorganization meeting tonight, Dublin said today.

The chairmanship has rotated among the freeholders each year since Silverio “Sal” Vega, who was chairman for eight years, left the board in 2006. Dublin, who held the post in 2008, was hoping to hold on to it for at least another year.

“The freeholders are going to meet amongst ourselves today and stick with this one year rotation for now,” said Dublin, who added that the board would consider instituting a three year term as chairman starting in 2012.

Dublin, who’s from Jersey City, said Mayor Jerramiah Healy lobbied for him but could not convince his fellow Hudson County mayors to keep extend the term. DiDomenico is from Bayonne.

”I had a talk with the mayor. He tried every way possible to get the other mayors to come off of this agreement with a rotating basis every year,” he said.

Dublin to give up freeholder chairmanship