Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Brinksmanship

The Daily News writes that Michael Bloomberg is engaging in budget "brinksmanship" with Albany.

The city's five-year capital plan is shrinking by a lot.

Drudge thinks New York is doomed.

"People in Manhattan are going to have to get over it,” said David Paterson of his Senate pick.

The most interesting thing on Gillibrand's questionnaire is that she filled it out by hand, apparently.

State Senator Hiram Monserrate rages back at the National Organization for Women.

Larry Littlefield sees his Governors Island nightmare unfolding.

Jason Zengerle points out that R.N.C. chair Michael Steele's sister was once married to Mike Tyson (both pictured here).

Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire confirms he's being considered for commerce secretary, which would mean a Republican giving up a scarce Senate seat.

Marc Ambinder says the state's governor, though a Democrat, might reach bipartisan agreeement on a replacement.

Chuck Schumer says they'll get to 60.

Congress passed SCHIP, Obama approves.

Although profits plummeted last quarter, Exxon Mobile broke national profit records for 2008. Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Brinksmanship