Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Expectations, Cuomo’s Future, Paterson’s Miracle

Michael Bloomberg now has a YouTube channel.

For governor, it could be Rick Lazio versus Rudy Giuliani.

The consultant Carolyn Maloney hired for her senate race said, “It doesn’t hurt that we have a good relationship with [Governor David] Paterson.”

Vito Lopez gets his chance to lobby incoming federal HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.

A “primary is just what [David Paterson] will get, if Andrew Cuomo is still Attorney General in 2010,” writes John Burke on Donklephant.

A City Hall spokesman says they didn’t file paperwork with the federal government to examine the term-limits extension, in part because the city’s top attorney was on vacation.

Republican county chairs want John Catsimatidis to run for mayor, according to an unnamed source.

Bloomberg “tamped down expectations” that he can fix the economy, wrote Erik Engquist.

New York magazine thinks the speech was a little self-congratulatory.

David Chen said the speech was “sometimes schmaltzy.”

A race between Hakeem Jeffries and Daryl Towns is a generational fight.

2013 already! Moskowitz for mayor.

NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman has a video about undoing the Rockefeller Drug laws.

David Paterson says the plane crash with no casualties a “miracle on the Hudson.”

And here's the video Bloomberg showed at his State of the City speech. Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Expectations, Cuomo’s Future, Paterson’s Miracle