Elsewhere: Caroline’s Defense, Obama’s Pick, Ferreras Radio

The message accompanying the $400 rebate checks change every year, said a spokesman for the city’s finance commissioner.

Jen Chung notes that Michael Bloomberg used to have his name all over the rebate checks.

Tom Golisano supports Caroline Kennedy for Senate.

Kelli Conlin defends Kennedy.

Tom Suozzi appoints someone to fill a vacancy in Nassau County.

Philippe Reines won’t say if Hillary Clinton will accept her congressional pay raise.

Glenn Thrush gets his own blog.

Obama’s slogan morphs for the worsening economy.

The Brennan Center says Sheldon Silver’s defense of the legislature misses the point.

City Council candidate Julissa Ferreras is scheduled to appear on Roberto Perez’s radio show tomorrow at 7 p.m.

There were fewer reports of wrongdoing by Department of Education officials last year.

City Room provides the history of front-page advertising.

Apply soon for a spot on Community Board 12 in Manhattan.

Carolyn Maloney gets encouragement to take on the S.E.C.

Newly sworn-in Representative Mike McMahon had bagels and coffee with supporters.

The American Jewish Council is picking up Michael Bloomberg’s supportive comments about Israel.

In Chinatown, Popeyes learns to adapt.

Obama turns to CNN to find the next surgeon general.


Elsewhere: Caroline’s Defense, Obama’s Pick, Ferreras Radio