Elsewhere: Monserrate’s Committee, Kennedy’s Sway, Obama’s Cinema

Black Star News says Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama “swayed many voters.”

Roger Simon says Kennedy’s supporters aren’t playing the gender card.

A film critic says Slumdog Millionaire “correspond[s] to what appears to be Obama's world view.”

Bill Thompson goes after Michael Bloomberg on the cost of the new Yankee stadium, asking “Was this plain old incompetence or a blatant attempt to mislead the public?”

Hiram Monserrate gets a committee but no lulu. (And remember when Ada Smith was stripped of everything after being accused of a crime?)

Thompson is disappointed about the court ruling upholding the term limits extension.

Betsy Gotbuam wonders if Chrsitine Quinn will allow comments on her blog.

Upstate Democratic chairman tells Paterson to look at Andrew Cuomo and Steve Israel.

Bob Kappstatter notes that the window is closing on Adolfo Carrion’s career options.

Here are the candidates for February 24 election for City Council that qualified for matching funds.

Marty Markowitz wants a smaller Atlantic Yards project.

2008, the graphic novel

Obama, the channel.

And here's Marcia Kramer trying to get substantive answers out of Andrew Cuomo about the senate.

  Elsewhere: Monserrate’s Committee, Kennedy’s Sway, Obama’s Cinema