Elsewhere: Palin on Kennedy

“Kennedy is the One!” says a headline in the Queens Courier.

Sarah Palin said the media is going easy on Kennedy, and that  it’s a class issue.

Chuck Schumer is staying mum.

Dean Skelos is still Majority Leader online.

Louise Slaughter is founding an upstate caucus.

Ed Towns spoke about the need to disclose contributors to presidential libraries.

Watch Representative Mike McMahon chat with this chief of staff, Chris McCannell.

Forum News ponders the constitutionality of rescinding the Broad Channel and Rockaway rebates.

Compensation for city employees is really high.

Same-sex marriage was an important issue in a candidate’s forum in Jackson Heights.

Before the accident, Mike Ricatto gave an interview to Lee Landor.

James Sanders is donating money to schools, in honor of Obama.

An Illinois House panel recommended impeachment for the govenror.

Jake Tapper reports that Steve Rattner may be Obama’s “car czar.

The race for Melinda Katz’s City Council seat getting crowded.

Suzannah B. Troy complains Bloomberg, and televisions in taxis. “You cannot turn the channel” and “I felt like Mayor Bloomberg was trying to control us.”


Elsewhere: Palin on Kennedy