Elsewhere: Stimulus Madness, Bloomberg’s Stew

Obama made an appeal on television and to corporate leaders for his stimulus package, and said there will be a web site where anyone can track where the money is going.

According to a new report, the economy is in its worst shape since 1982.

The economy of New York is in poorer shape than previously estimated, again.

Streetsblog is encouraging readers to express support for Jerry Nadler's amendment to the stimulus bill, which has more money for transit.

Under the stimulus plan, Chuck Schumer says, Orange County will get $15.5 million. Others counties will also get sizable sums. 

Some legislators feel Jim Tedisco should step down as minority leader while he campaigns for Congress.

The Washington Times
is reporting that Eric Holder promised he wouldn't prosecute former Bush administration officials.

Marty Markowitz holds another subway funeral.

Eric Massa had dinner with organic farmers, of course.

Liz reports Michael Bloomberg hosted four City Counci members last night, and everyone got along.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner promises banks won't be nationalized. Elsewhere: Stimulus Madness, Bloomberg’s Stew